Korbibtor—who dat?

In GOD GAMES, Korbibtor was the god of Heaven and its main religion before the Holy Nuclear War nearly destroyed that world.

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In ancient Heaven, getting food and shelter was erratic and unpredictably subject to the whims of nature. Religion was born as a way to explain the unexplainable, understand the purpose of humankind and pay homage to the gods. Its success produced a common understanding and thinking among the people who practiced rituals to please their gods. But woe be it to those who did not followed the sacred rules.

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At first there were many religions. And they saw each other as the cause for the famines, pestilence, earthquakes and floods that plagued Heaven. So many wars were fought in the name of their gods to cleanse the world of those heathens.

Then a vision came to three wise men. A vision that saw commonality in three religions that worshipped the same god. But not all believed. It took the sacrifice of these three men just to begin to spread the new gospel. One man was nailed to a wooden cross, another poisoned and the third stoned. They gave their lives to bring attention to the one true god.

Nevertheless, conflicts continued for thousands of years in Heaven before the three religions finally merged to worship the one god who has taken a name that represents the ancient texts of these three great religions—Korbibtor.

Can you guess the names of the original three great religions?

May Korbibtor be with you….

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