On Skin Coloring

In the book Heaven’s Ant Farm, the only survivors of Heaven’s Holy Nuclear War were forced to live in underground caves for 2,000 years.  When their descendants came out from their underground sanctuary, they realized something had changed.  They were all the same color.

But the original 5500 survivors who went in underground to escape the war’s radiation were of different races and colors. The contrast between black, white, red and yellow skin tones prevalent before the Holy Nuclear War slowly faded away.

So what happened?

The scientists at the Great Scientific University in Heaven had a theory. They knew imagethat to escape the Holy Nuclear War’s atomic wrath, the 5500 survivors took refuge in a vast underground factory built decades before the conflict. Geothermal steam powered this installation of pipes, steel furnaces, and electrical generators that lit, heated, and cooled an expansive network of caves. Hidden beneath the earth’s surface, the Holy Nuclear War survivors grew food and drank purified water.  And there they stayed for two thousand years.

But Heaven’s scientists knew that this massive complex, failed to fully neutralize the radiated air from above ground. Then they discovered genetic changes when they compared human DNA prior to the Holy Nuclear War to human DNA twenty centuries later. Like a genetic blender, the cobalt-thorium X radiation from the war rearranged human DNA to create a set of super dominant genes. These fervent genes slowly asserted their dominance by converting other genes that compete for the same human features into copies of themselves.

After eighty generations, the super dominant genes replaced the genes that contend for the same human characteristics. Scientists from the Great Scientific University in Heaven confirmed their theory when they isolated the super dominate genes that determine a key trait for everyone in Heaven—skin color.

The descendants of the original 5500 Holy Nuclear War survivors emerged from their radioactive melting pot a changed race. Now, only the additive effect from the super dominate genes sets everyone’s skin to various shades of golden tan.

Bottom line here kiddies is underneath it all, we are the same.

I guess it’s just like Michael Jackson said…”It don’t matter if you’re black or white” or any other color.

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