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HEAVEN’S ANT FARM- Yahweh and Gwendolyn

Here’s this just completed science fiction novel’s intro to two of the main characters- Yahweh and Gwendolyn Tabbris.  Comments welcomed! The setting is in Heaven- 3,127.3 years after the Holy Nuclear War. Warm waves of tall grass brush against a peach … Continue reading

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MILK RUN- The Wrap Up

Wrap Up!  That’s the last bone of our story—MILK RUN.   Coming right after the climax, this is typically where loose ends are tied up to close the story, where we learn the fate of the principal characters: Captain Xxxxx Topy, Chief … Continue reading

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MILK RUN- Some Story Line Changes

Oh yea, I made a few changes to the bones of this story. The biggest change is that while on the Telrachnid gunship, Captain Toby looses an arm during a firefight on the ship. This puts him in greater danger … Continue reading

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Ruffled Agent Feathers

Recently, a follow blogger talked about the challenges and stillness associated with querying literary agents in January. But I find that no matter when you do it, this is a cold and lonely process that mainly results in either no … Continue reading

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