Yahweh vs The Warthog

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Snippet from Heaven’s Ant Farm: On Earth a giant warthog chases down Yahweh in the Garden of Eden.  As the warthog barrels toward him, Yahweh resigns himself to be the first Heavenly casualty on Earth.

Suddenly a long black spear rockets past Yahweh’s right shoulder. The slender missile strikes the warthog right through its skull, and the animal trips over its front legs and rolls forward. The spear breaks off as the overgrown sow comes to stop less than three feet from the professor, its black lifeless eyes wide open.  Petrified, Yahweh doesn’t know whether to run, scream, faint, or wet himself, but it seems his body has already decided for him.

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Pilot, geek, retired, happy, healthy, loves science/engineering and writing SciFi books!! 🤓

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