GOD GAMES- The Inspiration To Draw Eve​

So, I challenged Jon Stubbington (Chief Illustrator for the book GOD GAMES) to create the image of Eve who lives with Adam in the Garden of Eden.   Eve’s image will be combined with Adam as part of a new playing card that will accompany this playing card of Yahweh and Lucifer. I plan to develop free give away playing cards for the major characters of this SciFi book! 

So, where do I start?  Well, the book GOD GAMES of course!  In it we see from her actions that Eve is a strong, no nonsense woman. 

From the excerpt below, we witness how Eve impresses Lucifer as he spies on her in the Garden of Eden.  

Her dark brown complexion and the animal skin covering her body reflect only a few golden rays of sunlight. She almost disappears in the forest, hidden by broad orange-red ochre powder stripes on her midriff and short hair. And her long, angular face and fiery brown eyes challenge everything in her path as she travels through the forest without a trace of effort despite the large basket of fruit strapped to her back.

Lucifer studies her as she moves in his direction. He has seen her many times before. Yes, she is the one who was in the garden filled with tall grain. She is the one who harvested more nuts and fruits than the others. No doubt they owe their lives to her efforts.

He rubs the bristles on his chin as the scars on Eve’s arm come into view. Yes, she was the one whipped by the villagers a few weeks ago . . . and that fire is still there in her eyes.

So what’s the look for Eve? Well, in my mind Grace Jones’s image
is the inspiration for what Eve looks like.  

There’s something about that look, stare really, that suggests a quiet (but never should be trifled with) power. That’s Eve. What do you think?

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