Thanks and Wishes for a Happy 2023 New Year

Hello all!  It’s only a few hours before we watch the NYC ball drop and march on to 2023! There were plenty of ups and downs for us all.  But let’s face it, you wouldn’t know you were living if it wasn’t for all the pain and strife that somehow fades to happiness, love and peace.  

So, my wish for the New Year is that we all work to find common ground with those around us, no matter the disagreement.   Remember that adage, United We Stand, Divided We Fall.  That especially goes for politics (yea, I went there) but also with friends, associates and especially family.  

I just posted a new chapter/scene for MILK RUN and would love for your feedback.   Beta Readers will get the usual email notice and link.   For everyone else, click here to see this scene that’s posted on my blog.   Feel free to click the blog’s comment section at the bottom of that page to let me know your thoughts.  

Thank you all for your support and encouragement as I complete this second SciFi. And a special thanks to my Beta Readers for their comments, insights and recommended changes.

Finally, some of you asked me to post more videos of my general aviation flying.   So, click here to see a quick video of the view from the back seat of a Cirrus SR22 during a recent flight from Raleigh Int’l airport to a small airport in Johnson County, North Carolina.  That’s me in the pilot’s seat.

OK, Three, Two, One…. HAPPY NEW YEAR and may you all have a prosperous, healthy and safe 2023!!  

Interested in reading more about MILK RUN or becoming a beta reviewer?  Click here then click the big blue “Request Beta Copy” button to join and get a free read of MILK RUN as I create it! 

Click the image below and sail into the holidays with some fantastic SciFi and Fantasy stories! Check them out and support/encourage the amazing authors! 

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