Filling in the Story P(l)otHole!

Like filling in a street pothole to ensure a smooth ride, doing the same for story plot holes is necessary for a smooth and unbroken story line.

I’m making slow progress to fix that plot hole discovered a few weeks ago– taking my time to make it feel right.   Besides, there’s no agent, publisher or editor pushing for a finished story.   These days, I’m my own agent, publisher, marketing department and cheerleader.  So, I’ve told myself to go slow and enjoy the process.   

You’ll recall the problem (explained more fully here) concerned the Crowbar that Captain Louis and his crew stole from the Telrachnid gunship.   The plot hole formed because the Telrachnid gunship needed their Crowbar device as part of a later space battle scene.  No Crowbar, no space battle!

To resolve the problem, I’ve decided that Captain Louis’s team doesn’t have time to remove the Crowbar because the Telrachnid crew were just about to bust in and capture them.  Plot hole filled in!

This story change now allows the Telrachnid gunship to use their un-stolen Crowbar to D-Jump into a parallel dimension to start the beginning of the end of the space battle.  

More to come!

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