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IMG_1234a Hi! My name is James and I live in Raleigh, NC.

The purpose of this blog is to share with you and get your thoughts as I go through the process of self publishing my new science fiction book “GOD GAMES (originally titled: “HEAVEN’S ANT FARM”) an upside down science fiction remaking of a biblical story where trouble brews in a tech-utopian Heaven as a secular Yahweh battles a pious Lucifer over the fate of humans in parallel universe. It’s a heavenly exhibition of science vs. religion.

So, here I’ll share some scenes, backdrop, the underlying science behind the stories and passages that fell to cutting room floor as the book developed.  I’ll also share my experiences going through the eBook publishing process including book cover development and social media marketing.  Would be great to hear your experiences and what you did to avoid the land mines along the way to publishing your works.

I’m an electrical engineer, pilot and for umpteen years have led information technology change for large technology, financial and pharmaceutical companies. Now, I’m writing science fiction as part of a new stage of my life.  It’s nice to have choices!  Some call it retirement—I call it doing something I love that’s new and exciting. While living in Princeton, NJ, I attended some Astro-Physics courses at Princeton University to research and dig into the science that drives my stories. My goal is to produce fast paced real science stories around the everyday challenges we all face . . . not fantasies.

I’m also working on another book—MILK RUN a science fiction space battle story centered around the generation gap, obsession and rescuing a loved one from an alien induced drug addiction.

So, click here and subscribe to my blog.  Include you birthday for a special birthday wish each year.  I’ll send you occasional updates on the launching of GOD GAMES, discuss some of the real science behind the book.  I’ll even cover some of the  challenges the characters face in both books .  Finally, I’ll introduce you to some books by other Sci-Fi authors that should interest you!

Click here to see articles on the making of my unpublished book GOD GAMES (aka HEAVEN’S ANT FARM). Here you can explore the actual science and my other musings behind this science fiction novel.






Milk Run Book Cover

Click here to see articles on the making of MILK RUN.  This is currently a work in progress.  Feel free to tell me what you think!







If you want to know more about me then check out this link.


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  1. I have followed the author from his very first vision for this amazing novel. Between his depth of knowledge of science and the Bible, he has crafted a riveting saga of time. space and faith, albeit, from his own imagination and with his own “spin.”

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