God Games Character Playing Cards & Illustrations

I commissioned Jon Stubbington to create playing cards that shows the major characters in GOD GAMES. Check out the images and short descriptions of the characters below.

Also include are some images of key scenes from this Upside SciFi Retelling of the Greatest Biblical Story Ever Told!

Let me know what you think.

More playing cards will be dealt out soon!

This marque playing card is the book cover for GOD GAMES showing Yahweh and Lucifer as they compete over the fate of humanity on Earth.

Here’s the Cherubim general as he explains to Chief Justice Jehoel of the Grand Council of Heaven the plan to send religious fanatics to a fiery planet in an alternate universe.

In the Garden of Eden, Eve and Adam are tricked by Lucifer to overthrow the elders who lead their village.

Gabrielle and her husband Raphael, Yahweh’s fellow scientists and close friends at the Great Scientific University of Heaven help Yahweh overcome his anger and sadness.

Inside the Great Village Hall in Eden, we see Abram and the old village Chief Elder as they decide the fate of Adam and Eve.

In the Garden of Eden after being saved from a wild warthog attack by Abram, Yahweh does a clumsy attempt to communicate with Abram.

Wonder and surprise overcomes Yahweh and his fellow scientists after they discover Earth within an accidently created parallel universe.

Yahweh struggles to re-establish his telepathic connection to his wife Gwendolyn after her tragic death.

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