GOD GAMES- Special Sale Price This Week Only!

This is an exciting time for me because, as some of you may already know, I’ve published my first full length science fiction novel called GOD GAMES.  And for this week only, GOD GAMES is on sale at a special low price. Click the image below to download your copy!

GOD GAMES is An Upside Down SciFi Retelling of the Greatest Biblical Story Ever Told where a tech-utopian Heaven has sworn off religion but trouble brews as a new religious movement threatens Heaven’s peaceful society.  

Now, it’s a contest where a secular Yahweh must fight a losing battle of wits and brawn against an evangelical Lucifer over the fate of humans discovered in a parallel universe. Yahweh must either defeat Lucifer or suffer guilt for creating humankind on Earth.  Can a geeky scientist save his soulmate, Heaven and Earth?

So, if you want a SciFi story that incorporates: strong women and men characters; the Big Bang, time travel, contemporary social parodies, and a battle in the Garden of Eden; a reexamination of traditional beliefs topped off with a quantum entangled love affair; then make GOD GAMES your next read! It’s not what you learned in church!

GOD GAMES is averaging 4.5-star reviews with comments like: thought-provoking well-executed, fast-paced science fiction story with complex and well-developed characters!

Download your copy of GOD GAMES now at Amazon/Kindle.  Sale ends this week!

Thanks for your support and purchase!

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