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I was born in Harlem, NY and raised in Bayside Queens, NY. I was always surrounded by loving parents and their close friends—professionals in so many areas. My parents’ friends were so close that they were awarded honorary family status titles of aunts and uncles.

My honorary Uncle was a member of the 761st “Black Panther” all black tank battalion in World War II. He would later become a NYC cop then a high school teacher where he introduced me to the world of science and technology. I was (and still am) the geeky kid who doesn’t like sports but instead did mad scientist things like building helium-neon lasers at 12, jet engines at 14 and model rockets (that shot down friends’ remote-control airplanes) at 15. I was a member of the Civil Air Patrol where I got my pilot license at 16 (before getting a license to drive a car). While not religious, I was a church verger (sort of a master of ceremony acolyte who oversees activities during church services).  

I’m an electrical engineer—retired after umpteen years in information technology management, strategic planning and project management working in the financial, technical, and pharmaceutical industries. Now, I’m writing science fiction as part of a new stage of my life. Some call it retirement—I call it doing something I love that’s new and exciting, like taking an Astro-Physics course at Princeton University to research and dig into the science that drives my stories. My goal is to produce fast paced real science stories around the everyday social challenges we all face.

I’m also working on another book—MILK RUN a science fiction space battle story centered around the generation gap, obsession and rescuing a loved one from an alien induced drug addiction.

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Click here to see articles on the making of my unpublished book GOD GAMES (aka HEAVEN’S ANT FARM). Here you can explore the actual science and my other musings behind this science fiction novel.

Milk Run Book Cover

Click here to see articles on the making of MILK RUN.  This is currently a work in progress.  Feel free to tell me what you think!

If you want to know more about me then check out this link.


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