I distributed sample copies of GOD GAMES (originally titled: HEAVEN’S ANT FARM) to a few folks.  Below are some of their words and responses to this SciFi novel.

From: RK at ScriptShark

This is a clever, philosophically satisfying, and almost epic parable about the mysteries of consciousness and creation and the dangers of religious zealotry. In the tradition of The Island of Dr. Moreau (or its classic 1932 film adaptation Island of Lost Souls) Heaven’s Ant Farm explores binaries such as individuality vs. commonality, mind vs. body, and free will vs. determinism to explore its themes. All this with a running commentary on modern social and political dilemmas and some educative passages on the implications of quantum mechanics along the way! The chapter titles and divisions of the text are concise and meaningful and the pace is excellent. Those in the know will enjoy the well-chosen names of the characters. The meanings are all salient.


 From: Rev. Jim Sell

I have followed [James] the author from his very first vision for this amazing novel. Between his depth of knowledge of science and the Bible, he has crafted a riveting saga of time. space and faith, albeit, from his own imagination and with his own “spin.”  James, you got the tiger by the tail!


From: Harold J. Johnson

HEAVEN’S ANT FARM is a classic retelling of the forces of good versus evil but in a unusual way. This story is very anti-tradition but not anti-spirituality. However, if you are someone of a religious background, your brain may be ripped open and the contents emptied and replaced with something that may make you feel a bit uncomfortable. On its surface and deep within its heart, HEAVENS ANT FARM is a bold challenge to conventional ideas of spirituality, religion and the search for truth.  Click here to see Harold’s complete review.


From William Greenleaf

There are insights into religious views and scientific principles that come through the characters’ thoughts and discussions. The central conflict is well managed throughout. Yahweh faces opposition with his religious minded associate, Lucifer, over the assumed presence of the Loving Freewill Gene. When Yahweh seizes an opportunity to develop and observe Earth’s human evolution, he believes he has the key in proving the gene’s role in creating a more peaceful human existence. Lucifer is out to manipulate the situation and prove Yahweh wrong. There is also the satisfying twist that it’s Lucifer’s religious beliefs that place him in the devil’s role in the story

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