Thanks and Wishes for a Happy 2023 New Year

Hello all!  It’s only a few hours before we watch the NYC ball drop and march on to 2023! There were plenty of ups and downs for us all.  But let’s face it, you wouldn’t know you were living if it wasn’t for all the pain and strife that somehow fades to happiness, love and peace.   So, my wish for the New Year is that we all work to find common ground with those around…

Cat Fights in Space

Here’s a question I received the other day from a StoryOrigin beta reviewer for my book MILK RUN. It concerns political correctness. The beta reviewer’s question centers around the topic of “females bickering over their man during a space battle […] a common troupe (e.g. Star Wars) in SciFi.”  The reviewer asks, “will there be pushback these days in our current politically correct environment?”  In MILK RUN, the “bickering” shows up as an occasional one-line…

MILK RUN- Here’s Why I’m Writing It

MILK RUN is loosely based on my corporate career experience participating in one of those executive management development programs. You know what I’m talking about, where they take young college graduates, send them through some basic leadership training then toss them into the fire of escalating management/supervisory responsibilities. Wow, what a toasty ride!

New Scene Posted! Scene 19 – Be Careful What You Ask

I finally posted a new scene for MILK RUN. It follows scene 18 (The Brig) after Captain Toby Nathanael Louis, ends up in the brig after his second in command takes over his ship. Scene 19 shows how he regains control of his ship, the USS Princeton.