MILK RUN- Key Crew Members of the Spaceship Destroyer- USS Princeton

Here’s a list of the characters in MILK RUN.   In a future blog, I’ll provide more details on these characters

  1. Captain Toby Nathanael Louis, Jr.- Captain of the USS Princeton
  2. Commander John Emerson- Second in command of the USS Princeton
  3. Boat Chief George Stockton- chief engineer of the USS Princeton
  4. Smriti Mehta – Toby’s fiancée who was taken prisoner by the Telrachnids
  5. Lieutenant Susan Connor- The ship’s visiting medical intern. Two years after loosing his fiancée (Smriti), Toby started dating Susan but broke up six months later. After joining SpaceComm, Susan was given a six-month assignment aboard the USS Princeton as a medic.
  6. John Torlini- Wing lead, Pacer Fighter Escort Squadron
  7. Fitan Mehta- Smriti’s father
  8. Arya Mehta- Smriti’s mother (Noble Goddess)
  9. USS Princeton personnel
    1. Unnamed crew members
      1. Chief Security Officer and guards
      2. Medical team
      3. RCC officer
  1. Missile control officer
  2. Communications officer
  3. Electronic Surveillance Officer (ESO)
  1. Named crew members
    1. Crewman Technical Junior Grade Carl Thomson- suspected of being under Telrachnid control
    2. Crew woman Technical Junior Grade Stone- found to be under Telrachnid control
  • Security officers Talon, Edwards, Wagner and Villani


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