Free Will- Why Lucifer Is Who He Is…

Here’s an original piece that I had to trim down in the book. It gives you the complete story of why Lucifer is who he is.

The only son of a churchgoing family, Lucifer sought the safety of Korbibtor to protect him, to cleanse him of the filth and shame of what happened. You can not control all the things that happen to you. But, perhaps this is a test from Korbibtor, Lucifer’s ball and chain that he alone must carry.

He couldn’t go to his mother. That would surely kill her. And he certainly could not go to his father, the high Korbibtor priest—the very one who was raping him. The young Lucifer wanted to ask his father, “Why are you doing this to me?” But instead, the young boy just whimpered silently as he endured yet another session of raw pain while his father pumped his innocence away. How could Lucifer confront his beloved father about this strange and painful affection? Perhaps this was his destiny in life.

Then one day Lucifer saw Korbibtor in a vision and learned that free will had caused his father’s downfall. Free will had pushed his father to do those evil things that the young Lucifer would have to endure forever—and Korbibtor would use that hard-won endurance to forge a new leader.

So despite the weekly assaults and agony that tore his insides, Lucifer forgave his father, the tall and handsome high Korbibtor priest with the deep, rolling voice. Though his father taught thousands to follow Korbibtor’s teachings, he was drunk with an uncontrolled sickness: his irresponsible abuse of free will.

Through his molestations, Lucifer witnessed the pain and suffering that always come from humanity’s uncontrolled freedom. That was when he put it all together—the agency of free will had to be destroyed or it would ruin humanity.

That was the evil that led to his father’s downfall and Korbibtor’s curse upon them both. That was the cause of the molestations. That was the reason for human failure. Free will, the young Lucifer realized, should be chased down, cornered, chained, castrated, and confined in a bloody container, never to be seen again!

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