Here is the prologue from the chapter summary of Heaven’s Ant Farm. Click here for a synopsis or click here to see the agent query letter I used to provide a brief description of this SciFi novel. Let me know what you think!

Chapter 1- Prologue

This story begins in the distant past at the start of a global nuclear war that ignites forests and cities across the continents like match heads. From a mass dream, the Korbibtorians believed they have a divine right to take back the world for their lord and almighty god for whom their religion is named.

So the Korbibtorians declared a Holy Nuclear War against the lesser religions and nations to cleanse the world of non-believers. But the pagans fought back and invaded the Korbibtorian desert homeland. Fearful of losing the war, the Korbibtorians set off their ultimate weapon—a gigaton thermonuclear bomb salted with cobalt-thorium X. The doomsday explosion did more than just rock the planet. The long lasting radiation devastated the human population.

image Only 5500 people were known to survive the holocaust in a vast underground factory. Here, geothermal energy powered this installation of pipes, furnaces and electrical generators that lit, heated and cooled an expansive network of caves, grew food and pumped purified water. But it did not totally neutralize the radiated air from outside.

For 2,000 years, the descendants of the 5500 toiled in their rocky nether world and converted it into vast subterranean gardens. And one-by-one, the survivors of the Holy Nuclear War realized what it was that brought them to this point—religion. So they vowed to curb their evangelical passions and build a new and shining civilization. A place that would be sunny and warm, a place free and open to all. It would be a place—called Heaven.

But not everyone had forsaken their god.


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