Super Dominance

So some of you challenged my notion and the real world science validity of super dominant genes.   Well, I have two responses.

First, this is science FICTION. 👽

Second, there is a precedent for how super dominant genes may work in the real world.   Consider viruses.   Viruses are basically genetic material encased in some sort of protein structure that eventually attaches itself to a cell, which basically suckes them inside.  Once inside, the virus’ genetic material is freed and floats to the cell’s nucleus where it takes over the cell’s DNA reproduction capability.  The virus then causes the nucleus to make more copies of its own DNA and eventually escapes from the cell to invade other cells.  Check out the video below to see an illustration.

In the science fiction world of Heaven’s Ant Farm, the cobalt-thorium X radiation from the Holy Nuclear War changed a normal human gene to express a human characteristic in a new way–in this case replacing all previous human skin color variations with one skin color.

But things go a lot futher as the cobalt-thorium X radiation, changed the mutated gene even more to take on virus like characteristics making it super dominant by taking over its host cell’s nucleus. There it made copies of itself replacing its original genetic material in the process. Then, just like a virus, all those copies of super domonimate genes in the human cell exited to invade and takeover other human cells–by the millions.

And that my friends is how super dominant genes work
in the book Heaven’s Ant Farm.

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