Now Don’t Blink…

I hope that everyone is enjoying the summer. It’s the best time of the year! Here’s a piece of advice to make it last . . . don’t blink!

Many of you have asked why I haven’t been saying much lately. Well, the excuse is . . . my day job fool!

But I have also been busy trying to find a agent for Heaven’s Ant Farm. So far no takers, but from my research and speaking with those in the know, this is par for the course. Still those rejects hurt, like pesky summer mosquitoes. But I continue on, by joining Twitter Parties (there’s another coming up in August) and other writer’s contest. I’m in this for the long run, but it is crowded out here.

Some have suggested self-publishing. Don’t think so. Putting out an eBook is easy. cover5 finalMatter of fact, I have a finished eBook version (unpublished) of Heaven’s Ant Farm now complete with (low budget) cover art work. Since there is only one signed copy, I figure this would fetch plenty on Antique Road Show.  But I digress.  The hard part of publishing anything is the marketing, and that takes connections, which is what agents do—right?

I heard somewhere that now a days, one must attract eyeballs to get the attention of an agent or publisher. Follow da money, right!

To do that, I am hoping Heaven’s Ant Farm would stir up some controversy on the Internet, you know with its God is really a geeky scientist vs a religion pushing Lucifer.  I figured this upside down science vs religion tack would attract eyeballs, which in turn would attract publishers. Maybe I’ll get a lot of negative publicity with this theme. No matter.  That’ll still attract eyeballs—among other things I’m sure. That’s the theory anyway.  So stay tuned, have a great summer and remember . . . don’t blink!

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