The Oak Tree and The Acorn

In #HEAVENSANTFARM, Gwendolyn, Yahweh’s telepathic wife, schools him on the symbiotic nature of human relationships.


Gwendolyn pauses to gaze out toward the distant peach orchard. “I remember Mom taking me on long walks in this garden. She always told me that I was very special but incomplete, that I had to search within myself for that special someone who would complete me as a person.”

Yahweh’s eyes narrow. “Incomplete? What do you mean?”

“It doesn’t mean you’re not a full person. It’s just a realization that we are not meant to be alone.”

“Not meant to be alone?” he asks, sighing audibly.

Gwendolyn warms him with a smile. “It’s like the oak tree and the acorn. The oak grows tall and strong without the acorn, but it never would have come into existence without the acorn. And the acorn doesn’t need the protection of an oak tree to sprout. It can survive long, hard winters by itself. But that acorn would never have come into being without the oak tree. You see? They’re incomplete without the other.”

“So the acorn and the oak tree are intertwined. A dynamic duo, eh?” says Yahweh.

Gwendolyn nods. “They have their own separate lives. But they’re still one and the same…”


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