What’s Happening with MILK RUN?

Someone asked me that question the other day. So, here’s an update!

I just posted a major chapter/scene update with plenty of changes to this space military SciFi that incorporates recent Beta Reader feedback and recommendations to the last submitted chapter/scene.  There are other changes that show the deepening relationship between the very young and fresh out of SpaceComm school Captain Toby Nathanael Louis and his much older Chief Engineer George Stockton.  I also added a huge chunk of story line and battle action at the end of the scene including how the USS Princeton nearly rammed into the Telrachnid gunship. 

Also included is more detail on what it’s like to venture into the hidden dimension of “abnormal space” as Toby turns the situation around from being the hunted to becoming the hunter in this space battle.  I also dived deeper into the captain’s concerns about a growing suspicion that there’s another saboteur aboard the USS Princeton.  You’ll see how Captain Toby Louis continues to mature as he grapples with maintaining the crew’s confidence and handling that saboteur.  

Honoring that old WWII submarine movie RUN SILENT RUN DEEP, this revision now has its name, which just about sums up what’s going on in this chapter.  Instead of a battlefield underwater, this story is about a battlefield in space!

I just posted the latest changes at the StoryOrigin website.   You can read and post comments on this latest work and the earlier posted chapter/scenes by clicking here or the above image to become a Beta Reader.

On another note, I want to showcase some authors whose Science Fiction stories feature an unusual twist- religion.  Now before you hit the delete button, I’m not talking about the preachy stuff you expect to hear in church.   But rather stories whose background or backdrop have some genesis (sorry) or reference to religion, or a cult or set of beliefs. 

These stories are not sermons or mandates. But they will cause you to discover the hidden analogy while at the same time being respectful of the diversity of thought on this topic.  For good or bad, you will see how faith can be a powerful force that drives so many stories and by extension, the world in which we live.  

So, I ask that you please encourage these authors who are brave enough to venture in these deep waters by checking out their books (including my own upside down religious SciFi- GOD GAMES). Click the image below and get your copy!  Check back weekly as I add more books.

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