What is the Essense of Life?

In his web article, C. Terry Warner says that “agency refers both to the capacity of beings to act for themselves and their accountability for those actions.”  But what the heck are “beings?”  What gives rise to this self-awareness that is constantly challenged with choice and consequence?

In “The Ant Farm,” the Deville character challenges Yahweh on his question.  But Yahweh and the society he lives in no longer believes the religious answer to this question.

So what is Yahweh’s scientific response to the question–what is the essence of life?   And where to they (or I should say we) come from?   Did we come into existence at the moment of the big bang, or were we around before?

I wrote a lot about this in the book but later decided to take it out because it sounded too omniscient and did not directly involve the exploration of the book’s characters.    But the passage (called the Essence of Life) does drive the backdrop for the entire story.     So here is a snippet that describes the essence of life that traveled here from a parallel universe…

In that second universe, there exists self-awareness.  The harmonious blending of magnetic fields between the planets and stars in this universe gave rise to intelligent consciousness.  They are individual beings but without body, form or substance.  Their existence comes from combinations of magnetic fields not organic matter.

The magnetic fields also give them an interconnected sense of unity, harmony and fellowship.  This produced a single eternally supreme individual whose omnipotence, knowledge and existence is the sum total of all beings in this universe.  They have their own individual will; yet, they are also the one divine being.

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