Seven Scientific Concepts of “The Ant Farm”

14880944-science-and-technology-background[1]“The Ant Farm” explores the philosophical aspects of an advanced scientific society with deep roots in religion.

But driving the story line is science, which I boiled down into seven basic concepts. While they start out following accepted scientific thought, these ideas expand out to uncharted territories. Take a look and let me know what you think.

  1. Entangled particles interact in such a way that measuring one enables you to tell something about the properties of the other without measuring it. This happens no matter how far apart they are, so long as one affected the other in the past.
  2. Components of atoms and molecules can be rearranged to change their characteristics; e.g., turn lead to gold, manipulate DNA, etc.
  3. The rate of time in one universe can be different from the rate of time in another universe.
  4. Gravity from one universe can affect or be detected by an adjacent universe.
  5. Black holes and universes can be created by particle accelerators/colliders of sufficient size and power.
  6. Brain activity gives rise to changes in electromagnetic fields, which can be used to transmit thoughts and emotions
  7. Electromagnetic fields can give rise to self-awareness and personalities

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