So What’s The Deal With Yahweh?

Many people have asked me this question, since my book sort of turns everything upside down.    So here it is…

In “Heaven’s Ant Farm,” Professor Yahweh Tabbris is a short, spindly and rumpled physics professor.  He’s not the omnipotent God described in the bible.

Instead, Yahweh fears his nemesis, the brawny, smooth talking Professor Lucifer Deville. But the wimpish Yahweh must also control an anger that always churns just below the surface. In “Heaven’s Ant Farm,” the ante goes up with the loss of Gwendolyn and Alexander his wife and child. And he must navigate the conundrums behind the Sixth Rule of Life as he tries to fix what has happened on Earth and relive the very reasons why Heaven renounced religion. Along the way, Yahweh will get help from his fellow scientist friends. But they can’t replace the telepathic calming Gwendolyn once gave him to curb his storminess. Now, without her comforting presence, Yahweh’s fury is released in ways that creates even more challenges as he casts Lucifer back to Gehenna time-after-time.

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