Vanity Card #5 – Nailing It

As I read through yet another literary agent reject letter, I reflect back on Chuck Lorre’s Vanity Card #436 for some solace and encouragement.   Here, Chuck explains why a young actress’ only scene in a recent episode of The Big Bang Theory got cut. It “had absolutely nothing to do with her performance […] she nailed the part. Just nailed it.” Then he goes on to say they cut her scene in order to get the episode down to the required running time. Well, I cut lots of scenes out of Heaven’s Ant Farm so I understand why this happens.

Nevertheless, I won’t lie. The never ending rejection after rejection after rejection to my agent query letters that basically say this is not for them bugs the hell out of me.   But deep down inside I know Heaven’s Ant Farm is a fantastic science fiction story and that’s when Chuck’s words rush back to me.

I nailed it. Just nailed it!!

Coffee cupBut it will take some time for someone with the right creative clout to wake up and smell the coffee.

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