Heaven’s Critter Cams

Ever wonder how Adam and Eve were able to speak with the serpent in the Garden of Eden? From what we see in the Bible, it seems that snake just spoke to them—and in their own language. This is a common problem with old science fiction space stories where, for some reason, the earthling and alien easily communicate with each other—and in the King’s English even!

Fortunately, most sci-fi writers today have overcome this problem along with the corny “take me to your leader” dialog.   Now they use tools like “Star Trek’s” universal translator, or “Farscape’s” translator microbes to enable alien races to understand each other’s speech. The challenge with these sci-fi tools is that they have no roots to anything we see, use or understand today.

So how did that snake talk to Adam and Eve? That’s where the critter cam comes in.   We have all seen those nature channel shows where scientists attached small cameras and microphones to dolphins, sharks, lions, tigers and bears—oh my (sorry).   With one of those cameras attached to some unsuspecting animal’s head or fin, we get a fantastic and very natural animal point of view image and sound as it goes about its business. Check out the video below of these two guys putting a critter cam on a shark and the footage they see.  You’ll can see the camera on the shark’s dorsal fin.

So in “Heaven’s Ant Farm,” I took that critter cam technology, shrunk it down to the size and shape of a peppercorn and added something new—the ability to read brain waves.   Yes, our brains broadcast a symphony of electrical signals that provides some insight into our thought patterns.   “Heaven’s Ant Farm” critter cams not only detect your brain signals but they also have the computing power to process, translate and retransmit those same signals to someone else in a way that allows them to understand your thoughts. So now they can see and hear what you see and hear and also know what’s on your mind.

Bottom line here is that the NSA has nothing over what critter cams in Heaven can do!

Now can you image how Lucifer used the critter cam to fool Adam and Eve? More on that later.


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