Free Will & How the Devil Made Me Do It

In his web article, C. Terry Warner says that “agency refers both to the capacity of beings to act for themselves and their accountability for those actions.”

Well, that is what HEAVEN’S ANT FARM is all about. The world that we live in is full of choices, some clearly good or bad…others suspect. What happens if we choose to turn left but not right? Or suppose someone decided it would be a great corporate team building exercise to compel everyone to bungee jump from a bridge? AJ Hackett Bungy - Kawarau Bridge Bungy Jump-3

More importantly, do we have the right to drag others along for the ride?

Warner goes on to say that it’s not the devil who makes us do things but rather the essence of choice itself or as some call it—free will.

Free will has a good side and a corresponding bad side.  Star Wars fans know a similar concept—the light and dark sides of the force.  Like a hammer, free will can be used to build up a house or wheeled about to rip one apart.

So HEAVEN’S ANT FARM explores the conundrums of choice and consequences with the introduction of a concept called the Loving Free Will gene—a human DNA mutation from Heaven’s Holy Nuclear War.  It’s a gene that somehow helps humans to understand the potential results of their actions. It’s a genetically enhanced sense of morality that helps humans in Heaven make free will decisions driven by an understanding of what it means to suffer not only their own pain but also the pain of others.  It doesn’t force the decision, just provides a clear picture of its consequences on others.  Think of it as knowing what it is like to walk in some one else’s shoes.

Now this is where Lucifer comes in. In HEAVEN’S ANT FARM, Lucifer doesn’t like the idea of free will (genetic or otherwise) and wants to do away with it all together and force people to make the right decisions. Click here to see why. To do that, Lucifer uses rules, fear and faith in religious hierocracy.

From Lucifer’s point of view, it is bad enough that religion has been pushed to the sidelines in Heaven’s tech-utopia. But now Lucifer and his followers fear that Heaven’s discovery of the Loving Free Will gene will forever diminish the relevance of religion.

And that’s when it gets real interesting!

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