MILK RUN- Some Story Line Changes

Helmet Vision Firefight on the Telrachnid GunshipOh yea, I made a few changes to the bones of this story.

The biggest change is that while on the Telrachnid gunship, Captain Toby looses an arm during a firefight on the ship. This puts him in greater danger now that his spacesuit is ripped open and those nasty drug injecting Telrachnid spiders can get at him.   Here’s a view you would see from inside your space helmet thanks to our resident artist Melissa Fauci!

I put this in for two reasons: 1) to make the low point of the story even lower as Toby realizes that he may be turned into a space aged drug addict by the Telrachnids just like his fiancée, Smriti and 2) this gives me an opportunity to introduce a new science fiction medical technology that’s based on current real world research- stem cell body part replacement.

More on this later.  Meanwhile, let me know your thoughts on these changes.  Thanks!

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