What’s GOD GAMES about?

GOD GAMES is an upside down SciFi retelling of the greatest story ever told where a tech-utopian Heaven has sworn off religion but trouble brews as a new religious movement threatens Heaven’s peaceful society.

Now, it all comes down to a secular Yahweh who must fight a losing battle of wits and brawn against an imposing evangelical Lucifer over the fate of humans discovered in a parallel universe.  Yahweh must either defeat Lucifer or suffer guilt over humankind.

Can a troubled geeky scientist save Heaven and Earth?

At 92,000 words, GOD GAMES incorporates the big bang, time travel, contemporary social parodies and an occasional friendly poke at organized religion to upturn the book of GENESIS.  GOD GAMES is in the pre book launch phase with a official send off end of 2021 early 2022.  Meanwhile, you can read a quick synopsis of GOD GAMES by clicking here.

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