Quantum Entanglement and SciFi Romance

So, in GOD GAMES, Yahweh is a geeky scientist married to Gwendolyn. Their romance is so deep you can say their relationship follows the Law of Quantum Entanglement.

First discussed by Albert Einstein in 1935 then further developed by others, the Law of Quantum Entanglement basically says two separate particles, that have been properly conditioned, will know what the other knows and you can not described one without describing the other.  Applied on a human level, some folks would say this is like having a soulmate.

In GOD GAMES, Gwendolyn knows what’s in Yahweh’s head before he realizes it. And the reverse is true as Yahweh absorbs Gwendolyn’s response before she even speaks. Test one, and you know about the other no matter how far apart they are from each other. As Yahweh muses in the book, “how else can she know my thoughts then sends me whispered responses from thousands of miles away? It’s an entanglement that goes beyond matrimony. It’s spooky!

As a side note, Albert Einstein referred to entanglement as “spukhafte Fernwirkung” (spooky action at a distance).

But as I explained in earlier posts, a good SciFi story must feature a Bad Romance and GOD GAMES has one. Here, we see Yahweh’s reaction when Gwendolyn is taken away from him. She dies during a gunfight that erupts as Yahweh is giving her and his son, Alexander, a tour of his lab at the Great Scientific University of Heaven. Yahweh is denied the very person who sustains him and that satisfies the definition of a Bad Romance.

And it turns out that Lucifer was the cause of the lab gun battle as part of a plan to lead an insurrection to force Heaven to abandon science and technology and worship Korbibtor, his lord, master and savior.  Worst still, Lucifer threatens to corrupt humankind on Earth, a planet discovered in a universe Yahweh created, to shame Heaven back to its religious roots.

Yahweh is enraged, his soul mate has been taken away and his work on Earth is threatened. He’ll have to set things straight!

But can a troubled geeky scientist save his soulmate, Heaven and Earth?

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A SciFi Retelling of the Greatest Story Ever Told!

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