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This week, I want to share with you a cool pic that a good friend of mine took a few years back of downtown NYC. I love this Gotham like B&W image with the new One World Trade Center as the centerpiece, so I took the liberty to add the bat signal.

And speaking of cool, it’s getting hot out here in Raleigh, NC. That means summer time is right around the corner and it’s time to select your summer time reading list.

Here are two SciFi suggestions both authored by Rayner Ye. SPACE-SHIFTERS OF THE FIRESNAKE and the PREQUEL TO THE FIRESNAKE. They are stories where amidst poverty and crime, Aedre finds hope when she discovers a secret method of teleportation. It’s a hope threatened by a Mafia Godfather who tags her with mosquito drones and murders her friends.

Check out both by clicking the images below:

And of course, if you want if you like stories that incorporate the Big Bang, time travel, contemporary social parodies, topped off with a quantum entangled love affair then you need to add GOD GAMES to your must read summer list. GOD GAMES is an upside down SciFi retelling of the greatest biblical story ever told about a secret contest that will determine the fate of humankind on Earth.

You can pick up GOD GAMES at one of the major eBook store outlets by clicking this image.

Happy Reading!

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