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So, here’s my recommendation for the perfect office. It’s not just a physical space. What’s more important is the state of mind that influences character development. I came upon this idea the other day when I decided to treat myself and fly out to Oak Island, NC for the day.

Here’s a quick video that shows my new office work environment. Plenty of sun, warm water and fun walking the beach to clear out those cobwebs that clog your creative side.

But the cloud buildup in the background of this picture below foretold of the weather to meet me on my return flight back to Raleigh, NC. This represents the challenges your characters face in your writings.

But I was not concerned, so I had lunch at a very breezy restaurant called ”Provision Company” where good steamed shrimps and crab cake were had. Maybe your main character has the same approach.

As the quick video below shows, the weather prediction for heading back home, proved correct as I had to navigate around building cumulus clouds that stood between me and Raleigh. Had loads of fun doing that!

How do your characters handle their challenges and possibly the fear of not making it home alive?

I arrived back home invigorated with fresh new ideas as I continue to polish the story behind my next book MILK RUN – a military science fiction space battle story centered around the generation gap, obsession and rescuing a loved one from an alien induced drug addiction.

Click here or the book cover at the left then click the big blue “Request Beta Copy” button to join the group of MILK RUN Beta Readers who are influencing this story.

Finally, thanks to my current MILK RUN Beta Readers. I really appreciate your feedback and encouragement. Stay tuned, I’m posting the next MILK RUN scene (called Strategic Prerogative) in a few days.

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