MILK RUN- The Story’s Second Act Turn

imageFirst he overcame the discovery of his missing fiancée (Smriti) turned enemy and addicted to an alien drug, then a mutiny, then the near destruction of his ship.  Now our hero, Captain Toby must over come the death of Commander Emerson who became a fatherly friend.   Up to now, these three events have blocked Toby from achieving what he set out to do in MILK RUN’s First Act Turn sending him to his low point in this story.

There is no place to go but up. And that’s the purpose of the story’s Second Act Turn–to show the twists and turns as Toby achieves his goal of bringing Smriti and ‘the crowbar’ to Starbase 24 to both get his girl back and give Earth a fighting chance to win its parallel dimension war with the Telrachnids.

This story bone, the fifth of MILK RUN’s seven story skeleton bones, happens at about the 75% mark of the story.

Story Action:

While, Captain Toby and Commander Emerson were aboard the Telrachnid gunship, Emerson discovered the technical specifications of the Telrachnid’s d-jump technology,  Before he died during the spacewalk back to the USS Princeton, Emerson relayed that information to Chief Stockton.

Realizing that the Telrachnid’s d-jump technology is very similar to ‘the crowbar,’ Stockton figures out how to reconfigure ‘the crowbar’ to pry open a gateway big enough for the USS Princeton to slip through to the hidden parallel dimension to go after the Telrachnid gunship.

Toby orders the chief to adapt ‘the crowbar’ to the USS Princeton and outfit a special space torpedo with a Quantum Entangled remote control radio that will destroy the Telrachnid ship when they chase it out from its parallel dimension hiding place.  But the chief has doubts that he can jerry-rig ‘the crowbar’ and fears he may even destroy the USS Princeton in the process.

It’s now up to Toby alone to raise the chief’s level of confidence while at the same time look after a reawakened, and still addicted to the enemy’s drug, Smriti who threatens to destroy the USS Princeton.

Next is the Climax– the next story bone.   

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