MILK RUN- Character List, Science & Technology Used

img_0396To get things going, this post summarizes the list main characters and science fiction terms/technology (based on real science of course) used as the story backdrop. I still haven’t completed all the character names.

Feel free to make suggestions. This is a work in progress and your opportunity to shape the story.

Main Characters In MILK RUN:

  1. Captain xxxx Toby– Captain of the USS Princeton
  2. Commander John Emerson- Second in command of the USS Princeton
  3. Boat Chief George Stockton- chief engineer of the USS Princeton
  4. Smriti xxxxx- Toby’s fiancée who was taken prisoner by the Telrachnids
  5. Lieutenant Susan Connor- The ship’s visiting medical intern. Two years after loosing his fiancée (Smriti), Toby started dating Susan but broke up six months later. After joining SpaceComm, Susan was given a six-month assignment aboard the USS Princeton as a medic.
  6. USS Princeton personnel
    1. Unnamed crew members
      1. Security officer
      2. Medical team
      3. RCC officer
      4. Missile control officer
      5. Communications officer
      6. Electronic Surveillance Officer (ESO)
    2. Named crew members
      1. Crewman Technical Junior Grade Carl Thomson- suspected of being under Telrachnid control
      2. Crew woman Technical Junior Grade Stone- found to be under Telrachnid control
      3. Security officers Talon, Edwards, Wagner and Villani

Terms & Technology Used In MILK RUN:

  1. Grav-mag drive – inspired by “warp drive” but different. Based on Einstein’s equation that equates energy to mass, this mechanism focuses energy in (generated by matter antimatter reactions) into a small container to generate a powerful gravity field that is focused ahead of the USS Princeton creating a narrow wormhole of collapsed space enabling the ship to travel at faster than light speeds. It is the equivalent of a simple pulley that is used to multiply the force exerted by the pull of a single rope.
  2. CaPLog- Captain’s Private Log entries
  3. “The Crowbar”- Device used to enable spaceships to enter into and from (d-jump) parallel dimensions.
  4. MRC (Mass Rail Cannons)- short for Mass Drive Rail Cannons
  5. RCC (Rail Cannon Control)- computer systems that control the MRC
  6. Flash Missiles- space torpedoes
  7. Inter-dimensional depth charges
  8. Magneto armor
  9. SpaceComm- Space Command
  10. Holographic Tactical Display (HoloTac)- holographic viewing screen
  11. Spacebody- dead person found in space who died of rapid decompression

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