GOD GAMES- Whipping Out That Story Tag

A few years ago, somewhere over Greenland heading toward Europe on vacation, I was working on a quick tag line for HEAVEN’S ANT FARM now retitled GOD GAMES. 

But a tag line is such a small space when you have so much to say.  And how do I do that without getting a frosty catatonic glaze from everyone as I dive into the nuances of the plot and science behind GOD GAMES? Not to mention that the message has to be easy to remember and pithy to get everyone’s attention . . . like Cleavon Little did in BLAZING SADDLES with that politically incorrect line. . . “excuse me while I whip this out!

Did you see the reaction of that lady in the blue dress and bonnet next to the sign in the video?  Go ahead, click the replay button and check it out!  Yea, that’s what I’m talking about!

So, I have two forms.  The first is a one line puncher.  And if they want more, I got a three paragraph overview that sums up the story, background and conflict. Tell me what you think.

Here’s the One Line Puncher for GOD GAMES:
Heaven, a scientific utopia, has sworn off religion but trouble brews as a secular Yahweh and a pious Lucifer decide to play a dangerous game of freewill with humans discovered in a parallel universe.

GOD GAMES’s Story Summary:
Heaven has sworn off religion—science & Loving Freewill reign supreme. However, trouble brews as a new religious movement rises up.

Disorder sets in after a meek, muddled & love struck Prof. Yahweh Tabbris creates a parallel universe & decides to show how humans discovered on a planet in the new cosmos, Earth, can benefit from the same Loving Freewill that made Heaven a tech-utopia. But a pious Lucifer Deville—driven by his belief that only Korbibtor his god, lord & savior, is responsible for Heaven’s good fortune—decides to vilify Loving Freewill and gets to Earth first!

Now, Yahweh must go there to defeat Lucifer and save Earth’s humankind or suffer guilt for their creation.

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Pilot, geek, retired, happy, healthy, loves science/engineering and writing SciFi books!! 🤓

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