And the Winning Book Cover Illustration Is . . .

A few weeks ago, I put out a contest to get your comments and recommendations on the best book cover for “Heaven’s Ant Farm.” I got lots of views to my blog and I thank you all for your participation and support!

So, let go direct to the results!

Of the four illustrations, the playing card option got almost all the votes. And that surprised me!

Your comments included observations like:
1) “…[book] titles are supplemented by cover images and the opposing forces faced on a single play (ing card) immediately establishes strength for both pulls/poles and titillates my interest to see who wins…”
2) “Definitely the playing card. Suggests a duality within us all.”

Reading these reflections caused me to wonder that perhaps in some strange way the book presents Yahweh and Lucifer’s struggle against each other as a game with direct consequences for humankind on Earth. 

A game . . . hummm, I like that analogy!

Problem is the playing card image doesn’t directly support the book title “Heaven’s Ant Farm.” There’s “a disconnect between the title and the [playing card] imagery” as one person said. And I agree with her!

Now what? I just fell in love with a new book cover image that seems out of sink with the title. But, now that I think about it, over time, titles of books, movies, plays, etc. change as we see these works from the eyes of others. And when you boil it all down, “Heaven’s Ant Farm” is about a contest between two opposing forces that act like gods from the perspective of those not as technically advanced. What looks like magic to an 1800’s frontier doctor is just an old iPhone 12 Pro to some 5 year old in 2024.

So, I’m thinking of changing the book’s title from “Heaven’s Ant Farm” to something like “God Games.” That new title is faithful to the book’s theme of science vs religion or more accurately how one gives rise to the other. Indeed the term god game refers to where players use supernatural powers to indirectly influence a population of simulated worshippers. And the word -simulated- seems appropriate when you think of Genesis 1:26 in the bible that says “And God said: ‘Let us make man in our image, after our likeness...’ That sounds like a simulation to me!

But, there’s a hitch here. A quick Google search reveals several books and at least one movie with that name. So, there may be some confusion here and maybe a related copywrite issue or two. Any of you literary lawyers out there, do let me know if you have any guidance on that question.

Now on to adding some color to the playing card and making the characters lifelike in appearance as part of the book cover’s evolution.  Thanks again to all y’all for responding, offering support and most important your views.

More to come!

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