Forget Selling Books. It’s Merchandising, That’s Where The Real Money Is Made!

Part of my promotion for GOD GAMES includes illustrations of the major characters of this SciFi rewrite of the greatest biblical story ever told. I’m talking about Genesis, the creation and the Garden of Eden. But in this upside down story, there’s also some provoking backdrop in that Heaven (where Earth was created) is really a tech utopia where science and technology has replaced religion.

Now, not everyone is happy with this secular society, especially a preacher named Lucifer Deville. Yea, I know it’s a play on words but it gives you an idea about his true intentions. Anyway, you can read more about GOD GAMES and even download the first chapter for FREE by clicking here and subscribing to this newsletter.

OK, back to the illustrations. Wanting to do something different and fun for this book, I decided to commission illustrations that conform to the general theme of the book and title. For our hero and antagonist, Yahweh and Lucifer, are in effect, playing games with humanity on Earth as they battle each other for the heart and soul of Heaven. I figure the best way to do that is to incorporate them and the other major characters in playing cards.

Using playing cards to convey a message is not a new idea. Take note of the “Most Wanted Iraqi” playing cards that the US Army created in 2003. They created a deck of 52 cards during the US Iraqi war to keep the names and faces of targeted individuals burned into the public consciousness. Now, without getting into the politics of this war, there was a lot of interest in obtaining these playing cards. So, much so that in true American fashion, entrepreneurs started selling these cards to the general public, claiming they had access to the Army’s stash of authentic Iraqi playing cards. I’m hoping for a similar run on GOD GAMES playing cards.

With a far different message from the “Most Wanted Iraqi” playing cards, I have created two GOD GAMES playing cards shown below:

This Yahweh and Lucifer playing card serves as the book cover

Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden

I’m now working on a third card that features Raphael (Yahweh’s best friend and cut buddy) and his wife Gabrielle–with her trumpet of course.

There’s a funny punch line in Mel Brooks’ film SPACEBALLS (a parody of the Star Wars trilogy) where the character Yogurt (a spoof of Star Wars’ Yoda) says with excitement, “Merchandising! Where the real money from the movie is made.” He then goes on to show off his merchandise: Spaceballs- the T-shirt; Spaceballs- the Coloring Book; Spaceballs- the Lunch Box; Spaceballs- the Breakfast Cereal. Then he holds up and fires a blast from SpaceBalls- the Flame Thrower. “Yea, the kids love that one.”

So, while I hope to sell a million copies of GOD GAMES, I know how the real money is made. Merchandising!

Perhaps GOD GAMES- the Playing Cards will do well, especially in church!

Add your comment to this post on my playing cards idea. And if you like SciFi stories like GOD GAMES, then click the image below to find FREE books and stories from my fellow authors for an interesting read this summer.

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