How Our Universe Was Made- the true story!

So who is right?

Some religious folks might say that six thousand years ago some guy (yea ladies a guy) got a bright idea to create something to keep him company.

Stephen Hawkins would probably disagree favoring a 13 billion year timeline and the method of creation was more like a big bang. He didn’t say whether a boy or girl did it.

Then there’s Prof. Paul Steinhardt (Albert Einstein Professor in Science at Princeton University) who would probably describe it more as a big smash up than a big bang between universes that happens over and over again.

Even Seth MacFarlane (creator of “Family Guy” cartoons) put his two cents in as to how our universe came to be. From MacFarlane’s past work, you should know where this is going. Check out this YouTube video and see what I mean.

Well, they are all wrong!

The best way I can describe the creation of our universe is with this phrase- nested Russian Matryoshka dolls.  You know…a set of wooden dolls of decreasing size placed one inside the other.

Same thing here. In the SciFi book GOD GAMES, I describe how Heaven (an advanced scientific civilization) accidentally creates a parallel universe inside one of their super-sized, thousand mile wide, particle accelerators. And it just so happens, it was our universe that they created.

Crazy, eh? Well on Earth, we have particle accelerators also. Although not as large as the ones in Heaven. There was even some concern that the CERN Large Hadron Collider accelerator in Switzerland might accidentally produce a black hole and ruin our day. But they say the chances of that happening are small.  Nevertheless, firing up that CERN collider enough times, who’s to know what might happen or what we might create. Maybe even a parallel universe with people who will look upon us as gods?

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