Close That Damn Door Behind You!

Believability is something I strive to achieve in my SciFi novel GOD GAMES.  But while you can’t make an entire story true (guess that’s why they call it fiction), certain elements have to jibe with the reality of the world we live in.

Ever notice how, in way too many cases, someone always leaves the door to the spaceship open after getting out to explore some unknown planet? I mean come on! Is that believable? Picture it in your mind. A nice shiny spaceship, with the gang plank down or the door wide open . . . It’s like they are inviting some bad guy or slimy monster to slip inside. 

Don’t believe me?  Next time you see a SciFi space movie (especially an old one) check to see if they shut the door behind them when they get out to explore.  Then see what happens next.

Maybe it’s me. Maybe it’s because I’m from New York City where you lock your car door at all times, even while it’s in your own narrow driveway, behind two other parked cars and has a steering wheel lock on it! You just don’t leave the car door open or unlocked unless you are hoping for a check from the insurance company.

Maybe these space cadets leave their spaceship doors open to allow the SciFi story line to proceed to its natural conclusion, typically an unpleasant surprise when the hapless explorers return.  And as you know, this always (and I mean always) happens after they sealed the spaceship door shut and blasted back off into space. Now the monster is stuck inside with the helpless crew. And nobody ever does a root cause analysis to figure out how the darn thing got inside in the first place!

I guess by then that’s a moot point.  Probably more important to deal with what or who ever snuck inside then to figure out who to blame for not locking the door in the first place.

Bottom line, lock the damn door behind ya!




Check out Shane Shepherd’s SciFi book NEIGHBOR YOU DON’T KNOW to see if they close the door behind them and heed the warning “not everyone is as kind-hearted or has such noble intentions.”  Click the image below to download the story for a good summer read and find out what happens.


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