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What’s That Book About…Again??

At 34,527 feet somewhere over Greenland, I’m working on my 15 second elevator speech to have at the ready. I have always found it hard to describe what Heaven’s Ant Farm is about. There is so much to say and … Continue reading

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The Great Rapture–what really happened.

Fearing another holy civil war, the Grand Council of Heaven decides to expel Lucifer and his Korbibtorian followers to Gehenna.   They order the Cherubim army commander to modify Heaven’s QUEST satellite network to systematically zap the Korbibtorians to Gehenna.   Judge … Continue reading

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Here’s What Inflated Our Universe

Earlier, I talked about pigeon poop and the big bang that inflated our universe. I left off with the question what actually caused inflation that expanded our universe?  Well, here’s one idea from my sci-fi book “Heaven’s Ant Farm” that explains the whole … Continue reading

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