Abram and the Chief Elder

Here’s another playing card of two Garden of Eden characters from my new SciFi book GOD GAMES, An Upside Down SciFi Retelling of the Greatest Biblical Story Ever Told! The first is Abram, a village elder, who rescued Yahweh from a charging warthog. The second is the village Chief Elder.

The playing card depicts the inside of the great village hall in Eden where the Chief Elder, Abram and the other village elders meet to decide on issues that face the village. Here, they are deciding the fate of Adam and Eve who with Lucifer’s encouragement, have killed and gone against village customs.

The great village hall is a hexagon-shaped mud building, twenty-five feet tall and 100 feet wide. The inside of this sacred place is marked with dark walls and a tall chimney that rises from the center of the structure. In the middle of the massive hall is a great pit where huge flames and bright orange embers blow up through the overhead chimney like an angry windstorm, just like the raging villagers and elders who surround the fire pit. They’re divided about what to do with Adam and Eve.

Tell me what you think of this playing card. Do you like it? I’m working on more playing cards and would appreciate your suggestions and comments!


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