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GOD GAMES- The Inspiration To Draw Eve​

In SciFi book GOD GAMES, what’s the look for Eve in the Garden of Eden that shows strength & determination & a stare that says don’t trifle with me? Well, that’s Grace Jones!!! Find out why here & get the first chapter of the greatest story ever told. Continue reading

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God Games- A New Book Cover and A Darkside

So, a few weeks ago I asked for your comments and suggestions to help decide on the official book cover for “Heaven’s Ant Farm.” Well, I got more than I bargained. I ended up ditching the original prototype cover AND … Continue reading

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What’s That Book About…Again??

At 34,527 feet somewhere over Greenland, I’m working on my 15 second elevator speech to have at the ready. I have always found it hard to describe what Heaven’s Ant Farm is about. There is so much to say and … Continue reading

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Yahweh’s Sadness

Here is a summary of the fourth chapter from Heaven’s Ant Farm. Click here for a synopsis or click here to see the agent query letter for a brief description of this science fiction novel. Let me know what you think! Chapter 4- Yahweh’s … Continue reading

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