New SciFi Story- Looking for Beta Readers!

To family, friends, associates, readers, authors, editors, agents . . . . all y’all!

Just a short note here to say that after six long years, I’m picking up where I left off on my second SciFi book called MILK RUN and I’m looking for beta readers.  This is a great opportunity to come along for the ride and influence the story!  More on that later. 

MILK RUN will be a different book from GOD GAMES.   This is a military science fiction space battle story centered around the generation gap, obsession and rescuing a loved one from an alien induced drug addiction.

MILK RUN is about a young man fresh out of space command school on his first mission as captain of the USS Princeton, an old destroyer class spacecraft.  With a diverse character cast, MILK RUN will be written in the present tense with frequent use of the deep third-person point of view to show the story as it happens and make it seem like the reader and character are one and the same. 

So, here’s a quick overview of MILK RUN. 

Earth is losing the war against the Telrachnids and our young captain is charged with delivering a new weapon to a secret star base. But what our hero thought would be an easy first mission turns out to be a test of his ability to lead a crew and ship much older than him against an enemy that is using his fiancée to destroy him, his ship, and his mission.

Can our young captain complete his mission and save his fiancée too?

Want to be a MILK RUN beta reader?  Well, I’m setting up the process now, just need to decide whether to use StoryOrigin’s Beta Reader feature or just post to various social media outlets.  Let me know if you have any advice or experience on that as I want to reach the largest audience possible for beta readers.

Meanwhile, stay tuned and feel free to comment back to me (better yet subscribe to this newsletter) if you are interested in becoming a MILK RUN beta reader!

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