The 77 Challenge

Hey authors, suppose someone goes to the bathroom and while there opens your book. But not at the beginning. They just start reading from any old random place in your book.

Will they get some idea of what your book is about by perusing just a few random lines? 

Will they want to read more?

Or will they use the pages for something else having just realized there’s no toilet paper in the stall?

Hey readers, what would you do with that book?

Well, here’s one way to find out. Take the 77 challenge!

For you authors, here is what you do:

  1. Go to the 7th chapter, paragraph or page of your book or work in progress. It’s your choice depending on if your work is a physical book or an ebook.
  2. Then post the next 7 lines of your work via reply comment to this post. It’s OK to go to the end of a sentence to complete the thought.
  3. And finally (the most important step for this to work for all) is comment on your fellow authors’ work submitted to this post. Let them know if you get the story and if it generates interest to read on.  And remember, be kind!

For you readers, check out the author’s post and feel free to let them know if you get the story and if it generates interest to read on.  And remember, be kind!

To get the process started, here’s the first seven lines (or so) following the first seven paragraphs of my SciFi ebook GOD GAMESAn Upside Down SciFi Retelling of the Greatest Biblical Story Ever Told. And remember, be kind! (Oh yea, I said that already)

The holomirror flickers then goes black.
Yahweh explodes with a fist against the darkened mirror, “Shit! Why Me!”
A sharp crackling sound comes out from behind the flat holomirror.
Didn’t strike the damn thing that hard, Yahweh thinks as he slowly reaches over with his forefinger to investigate. Then, static electricity jumps from his finger to the darken holomirror. The fixture suddenly glows brightly, once again showing an unshaven face and slouched stance.
Yahweh straightens up with a jerk, smiles back at his image and mumbles, “So, looks like I can bring this back to life too.”

OK, now it’s on ya’ll!

If we get enough participation, I’ll issue a second challenge from a different part of your book!

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Baldwin Tavares struggled to get where he is—at the Resistance, ostensibly safe, with his team, both old and new, by his side—but things are never as simple as he wishes them to be. Though they are all together, the groups are all very different, and in whispers and corners, unrest grows.

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Pilot, geek, retired, happy, healthy, loves science/engineering and writing SciFi books!! 🤓

2 thoughts on “The 77 Challenge

  1. Here’s the beginning of the seventh chapter of my YA novel “Temple High School.”

    Jason leaned forward and grabbed his knees, his hands shaking on his kneecaps, his back and shoulders straight. He heaved masses of air into his aching lungs, then pushed it out again hard enough he could get more in on the next heave. Sweat tingled the hairline at the back of his neck. Drool was dripping out of his mouth, but he didn’t try to suck it back in. He spat, heaved some more.

    Mr. Herman’s hand was on his back all of a sudden.

    “Are you fine, duelo?” he asked.

    1. Thanks J.Reder for your contribution! It sounds like something heavy is on Janson’s mind. And the sudden appearance of Mr. Herman raises the tension to the point of me wanting to read further. “Good Show!”

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