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After a a six-year hiatus, I’ve picked up from where I left off on writing MILK RUN!  Before then, everything was going fine till I ran into the dreaded writer’s block.  The story felt flat and typical, and I didn’t like that.  

So, in 2016, I stopped everything, including publishing the already completed HEAVEN’S ANT FARM SciFi novel to the bookstores.   I guess I just needed to clear my head a bit.   Besides, I was very busy with the corporate gig. I didn’t have time for SciFi writing.   In hindsight, I should have kept at it as a nice diversion.  But I was laser focused on work.

But now that I’m retired and moved to Raleigh, NC, I rediscovered HEAVEN’S ANT FARM.  Actually, it was good that I put it down for all those years, because that gave me the precious opportunity to look at that SciFi novel with fresh new eyes.   And with that, a major rewrite ensued that included another round of professional editing and feedback from fellow authors.   I even got the idea to commission artwork for HEAVEN’S ANT FARM.  But I got more than I bargained for with that plan as my artist came up with a very unusual image for the book cover, something that I initially disliked.

The book image the artist came up with was more theme than book cover.   It was a playing card featuring the two conflicting characters in the book!  Had I seen it a few years earlier, I would have rejected this crazy idea with the usual quick corporate fashion.  

But things are different now and that playing card idea slowly grew on me.  It did so because that thematic image summarized what was going on in HEAVEN’S ANT FARM—a game between the two main characters (Yahweh and Lucifer) that would determine the fate of humans on Earth.   I came to like that idea so much that I changed the name of HEAVEN’S ANT FARM to GOD GAMES and made more playing cards featuring the major characters of the book.  

GOD GAMES launched on Amazon this past January and will be available on all the other major book outlets later this month.   As a side note, if I could do it over again, I would NOT go with the three-month exclusive with Amazon Kindle Select.  I’ll explain later or you can Private Message/eMail me for details. 

With all the changes and launch of GOD GAMES, a new interest rose in MILK RUN.  While I regret it’s delay, I know this second SciFi book will benefit from what I learned from GOD GAMES. 

So, as I  come to the bottom of the 8×11 page I use as a word limit to this newsletter, I want to remind you all that I’m looking for MILK RUN Beta Readers and GOD GAMES book reviewers.  


Click here to read about, comment on and influence the writing of MILK RUN, a military SciFi novel about a young man fresh out of space command school on his first mission as captain of the USS Princeton. But what our hero thought would be an easy first mission turns out to be a test of his ability to lead a crew and ship much older than him against an enemy that is using his own fiancée to destroy him, his ship and his mission.  


Click here to read about and post your review on GOD GAMES, an upside down SciFi retelling of the greatest biblical story ever told about a secret contest (a game really) that will determine the fate of humankind on Earth.   This is a free eBook copy, complete with those illustrations I talked about earlier!  I only ask that you post a review of GOD GAMES on any of the major bookstore outlets.  


If you just want to read GOD GAMES, you can get your copy right now at Amazon and soon from other major eBook retailers.

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