Are We For Real?

A good friend passed me this article the other day about a way to determine if the reality we experience is actually real. He then went on to say that in reality, everyone is just a figment of his imagination. My thoughts on that later.

The article can be seen here. It is an interesting (and somewhat deep) discussion that explores the realm all scifi authors love. It’s sort of like a goldfish trying to figure out if what’s inside its fishbowl is real, especially the other fish. So, the fish is left to ask its friend, are we real or just a holographic shadow from a big bang explosion? But there’s a problem.

The article says “In order to truly determine whether there’s an objective reality, we have to devise a way in which to demonstrate its existence without relying on our observations.” Ok, I agree with that. But the author flubs it with the next statement, “What we need are measurements.”

There’s a classic “Catch 22” problem with that second statement. Anything we “measure” is based on what we sense and so is not to be trusted because our senses could be subject to the whims of the very thing we are trying to measure.  A separate and independent appraisal stick is needed here.

The article goes into a deep detailed scientific dive but later concludes: “If we can apply our ability to observe quantum effects to the cosmos at large, and square such observations with our classical reality, we may be able to figure out exactly what the universe is made of….”

In terms of understanding the nature (or true existence) of our reality, anything we observe or measure, whether it’s the result of a quantum experiment or a plain old classical apple falling to the ground experiment, is suspect for the purposes of this endeavor.

A nonpartisan method that doesn’t rely on human observation is needed. And there’s the rub!

So, is reality truly out of sight and out of mind? Is it real or is it Memorex? OK, I just carbon dated myself, but you get the point.

By the way, I told my friend that his theory that everyone is a figment of HIS imagination is also dead wrong! It’s the other way around! And I can prove that all y’all are a figment of MY imagination! I keep you guys around to keep from being lonely.

My friend disagreed but since it was near midnight, and he didn’t want to argue, he just said he was going to bed and will turn the world off for the night. He quickly assured me that he’ll restart everything again in the morning! To that I replied no need, I’ll turn the lights off for him, and everyone else.

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