MILK RUN Scene 18- “The Brig” & RUN SILENT RUN DEEP Inspiration

A scene from Run Silent Run Deep

I finally posted the new chapter scene for MILK RUN. It took me a while because it was brand new, and I needed time to feel the impact of what it’s like for someone to lose command of their ship. I wanted to show the controlled anger from what seems like a mutiny and the hidden embarrassment from what may really be a total failure to lead a crew to accept a change in strategy that seems contrary to the original mission goals.

Captain Toby Nathanael Louis is now going through that quagmire while his spaceship destroyer -the USS Princeton- is being picked to pieces by a Telrachnid gunship that (like a WWII submarine) is using a hidden fourth dimension of space to attack the Princeton.

MILK RUN is inspired by the old WWII movie RUN SILENT RUN DEEP where both captains are obsessed with their improvised mission to the point of doubt by their crew. Like Cmdr. ‘Rich’ Richardson of the submarine USS Nerka in RUN SILENT RUN DEEP, Captain Toby Nathanael Louis in MILK RUN is overly obsessed with a new mission goal conceived on his own and jeopardizes the ship and original mission. But unlike in RUN SILENT RUN DEEP, Captain Toby Louis in MILK RUN loses his command and is tossed in the brig.

You can see what happens next in this posted chapter/scene #18 (The Brig) by clicking here.

As always, thanks to the beta readers and I’m always on the lookout for more MILK RUN reviewers.  You can easily join our merry crew by clicking this StoryOrigin link here then clicking the big blue “Request Beta Copy” button. 

Meanwhile, here’s another book recommendation for more space SciFi action from Mark Stallings!

Reynor and Sempay find themselves embroiled in a conflict between two rival warlords that threatens to either enslave or slaughter everyone on the planet. Their only allies are a corrupt cop and a bartender. This is a story where you learn the hard way that you can’t come at every problem straight on. Sometimes it requires a tangential approach.

Click the book cover image and check it out!

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