MILK RUN- Here’s Why I’m Writing It

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Just a short note to update you on the progress writing my new military SciFi book MILK RUN and thank the beta readers providing valuable feedback to me.   Here’s a quick summary for those who don’t know what the book is about:

Earth is losing the war against the Telrachnids, and our young Captain Toby Nathanael Louis is assigned to deliver a new weapon to a secret star base. But what our hero thought would be an easy first mission turns out to be a test of his ability to lead a crew and ship much older than he against an enemy that is using his own fiancée to destroy him, his ship, and his mission.

The book is about halfway to three quarters finished. I started it about six years ago but stop due to writer’s block and a busy work schedule.  It’s based loosely on my career experience when I participated in one of those corporate management development programs where they take a college graduate, send him/her through some leadership training then throw them into the fire of escalating management/supervisory responsibilities in different parts of the organization.   Talk about the many challenges, I had plenty!  One of them was accepting the fact that the folks I managed knew more than me.  I’m not talking about a little more – but tons more.  This was made even more complex in a technical environment.  

But the most challenging thing for me back then was managing the generation gap.  I mean the folks I supervised were decades older than me!  One was old enough to be my grandfather! Add to that a passive-aggressive resentment for having a young just graduated from college whippersnapper for a supervisor and you get some sort of idea what I went through.   Oh, and add to that the fact that many didn’t like working for an African American.   To say the least, I had a lot to learn to navigate that first management assignment.  

I didn’t insert the challenges of race into MILK RUN.  There’s plenty of other works that do that already.  Rather, one can assume that for this science fiction work, racism is not as much of an issue in the timeframe where MILK RUN takes place.  Instead, our hero, Captain Toby Nathanael Louis, must manage a crew that is much older and has a lot more-on-the-job-experience than he.  This story is about leadership, growth, over coming self-doubt, and conviction all mixed in with the other themes and challenges that Toby must overcome to achieve his military goal and objective. That’s in addition to all the space battles that must be fought along the way. 

I hope you find my work on MILK RUN interesting enough to join our merry crew of beta readers.  Click here then click the big blue “Request Beta Copy” button to join and get a free read of MILK RUN as I create it! 

As with my other posts, I want to provide a list of recommended reading based on new works by my fellow authors.  Please take a look below and help support/encourage these authors. “Remember, baby needs a new pair of shoes.” Click on any of the book images that grab your attention.

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Of course, I have to tell you about my first
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GOD GAMES is An Upside Down SciFi Retelling of the Greatest Biblical Story Ever Told about a secret contest in a tech-utopian Heaven between a scrawny secular Yahweh and a brawny evangelical Lucifer.

Their battle will determine the fate of humans discovered in a parallel universe. Yahweh must either defeat Lucifer or suffer guilt for creating humankind on Earth.

Can a geeky scientist save his soulmate, Heaven and Earth?

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Pilot, geek, retired, happy, healthy, loves science/engineering and writing SciFi books!! 🤓

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