Cat Fights in Space

Here’s a question I received the other day from a StoryOrigin beta reviewer for my book MILK RUN. It concerns political correctness.

The beta reviewer’s question centers around the topic of “females bickering over their man during a space battle […] a common troupe (e.g. Star Wars) in SciFi.”  The reviewer asks, “will there be pushback these days in our current politically correct environment?”  In MILK RUN, the “bickering” shows up as an occasional one-line quip between two women in various chapter scenes. 

First a little story background.  MILK RUN is a military SciFi about a young man fresh out of SpaceComm training school who is assigned to captain the USS Princeton, an old destroyer class spaceship.  His first mission is to transport a secret weapon to a hidden starbase.  Earth is losing the war against the Telrachnids, tiny spider like creatures who control humans with their injected venom.  The Telrachnids use their venom addicted humans as spies and to build spaceships to wage war against Earth.  Having infiltrated key areas of SpaceComm, the Telrachnids have learned about the young captain’s mission.  They plan to intercept and destroy the Princeton using the young captain’s ex-fiancée (now under Telrachnid control) as a distraction.

Now, that’s not so bad from a “PC” point of view. But I felt simply using an ex-fiancée as a strategic battle distraction was not enough. So, in comes an additional backstory ingredient . . . jealousy between the young captain’s ex-fiancée and an ex-girlfriend. Having realized the subplot, the same reviewer jokingly suggested I call a chapter “Cat Fights in Space!” I declined of course and will leave that for Mel Brooks to explore.

Now we have a triple twisted subplot where our young captain must balance a somewhat delicate personal situation as he fights off the Telrachnids and executes his first command and mission.  Put yourself in our young captain’s position.  Wouldn’t it be hard to ignore your ex-fiancée who commands the very Telrachnid space gunship that’s out to destroy your ship while your ex-girlfriend shows up on your ship as the Chief Medical Officer?  How would you handle that?

Don’t want to get mushy in a military SciFi, but this subplot is about some strong covered over personal feelings that lingered over time.  Our young captain is not involved with these women at this time, nor was he a two timer as those flings happened at different times.  Nevertheless, suddenly meeting a former love (or loves in this case) can be disturbing and get in the way of fighting a battle, and that’s what I want to show.

It’s like that sudden heart attack you may have felt when running into someone you had strong feelings for.  Sometimes this can lead to jealousy, especially when feelings run contrary to the other’s current situation, state of mind or if a perceived competitor comes on the scene. 

So, do I think the PC police will come knocking on my virtual door. No, but these days who knows.  I tried to illustrate jealous actions as a backstory in a realistic but respectful way.   But what do you think?  Feel free to comment in this blog or below. 

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