Today is a special day! GOD GAMES, my first FOUR (count’em FOUR) star rated Science Fiction book launched on Amazon/GoodReads. Those stars were hard earned with book reviewers’ quotes like “thought-provoking science fiction story;” and “a well-executed story with much to offer;” and “author includes a fascinating array of futuristic technology: full body 3D printers, soul storage devices, satellites that can affectively teleport you from one place to another;” and “the storyline is fast-paced […] strongly written, the characters are complex and well-developed and the dialogue is honest and believable!”

GOD GAMES is an upside down SciFi where, Heaven has all but sworn off religion and science reigns supreme after the discovery of the Loving Free Will gene that purportedly enables humans to make benevolent decisions. Here, we find Professor Yahweh Tabbris—a geeky scientist basking in his marriage to Gwendolyn. Their romance is so deep you can say the relationship follows the Laws of Quantum Entanglement.  They know each other’s thoughts without saying a word. 

But trouble brews as a new religious movement driven by an evangelical Lucifer Deville threatens Heaven’s peace. Disorder sets in when Yahweh creates a parallel universe and decides to show how humans discovered on a planet in the new cosmos named Earth can benefit from the same Loving Free Will gene that has made Heaven a paradise.  But Lucifer has other ideas.

As you follow the battle between Yahweh and Lucifer that takes place in Heaven and in the Garden of Eden on Earth, you will wonder—can this geeky scientist save his soulmate, Heaven and Earth?

If you like stories like THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU that explores binary themes such as individuality vs. commonality, mind vs. body, and free will vs. determinism; or if you enjoyed works like THE GODS MUST BE CRAZY that shows how one civilization responds to the carelessness of a more technically advanced civilization; or if you like stories that incorporate the Big Bang, time travel, contemporary social parodies, topped with a quantum entangled love affair; then GOD GAMES is your next read!

Available now on Amazon and GoodReads, GOD GAMES (formally titled HEAVEN’S ANT FARM) has been a long road for me spanning many years in the making. So, please, please, please pickup your eBook copy of GOD GAMES by clicking the image below!

Finally, I want to thank my family, friends and associates who encouraged me on this journey!

More to come!

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