Matrix Resurrections- A Movie Review

Happy Holidays Everyone!

As is typical for the season, I usually go to see one of the so-called block buster movies that come out for the holidays.   This year, I watched (at home) MATRIX RESURRECTIONS.   For those of you contemplating this flick, here is my review of that story without giving away the farm on this movie.  

To sum up, I think MATRIX RESURRECTIONS should have been called MATRIX REMINISCENCE. You get to see new (younger) versions of your favorite characters with their beloved one liners like the one about silky ass (I like the original prose better). In a way, MATRIX REMINISCENCE reminds me of the fact that you can never go back. Sort of like the initial discomfort I felt when STAR TREK TNG first came out. You get the same character roles as the Original STAR TREK series but not the same people.

That said, I kinda liked MATRIX REMINISCENCE.  It stays true to the earlier movies but doesn’t really build on them, rather it resurrects (hence the name I guess) their collective shadows.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of action, it moves along nicely and there are plenty of technology “upgrades.”  But if you are expecting some new thrill like you got from the first MATRIX or even RELOADED, then you are in for a disappointment as you basically relive past MATRIX movies.  But let’s face it folks, you just can’t go back in time. It’s like going back to your childhood home 30-40 years later only to discover that the streets are much narrower than originally perceived when you were half as tall.

Here’s a piece of info that doesn’t give away the plot. I was pleasantly surprised to see Jonathan Groff playing a key role in the movie as Agent Smith. But I don’t think the movie exploited all of Jon’s talent or the story arc for Agent Smith. In addition, the writers blew the opportunity to explore the symbiotic relationship that seems to have grown between Agent Smith and Neo. 

As an aside, those of you in the know will remember that Jonathan Groff played a stuck up and stiff King George III in the musical play HAMILTON. I saw him on Broadway and believe that he played that role the best of all the actors who did that part. I call him “spitting Jon” because he did that a lot as he sung “You’ll be back” in HAMILTON. Lots of singers spit when they sing, so bring an umbrella if you are in the front row. But I digress….

Bottom line for MATRIX REMINISCENCE (I mean RESURRECTIONS), it’s a good action flick but don’t expect the same look and feel as the rest of the franchise as you go down that rabbit hole (again).

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